Hoop Light LED Basketball Rim

Hoop Light LED Basketball Rim

Hoop Light LED Basketball Rim

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  • *SUPER-BRIGHT AT NIGHT: led basketball hoop lights are far brighter than regular glow in the dark.
  • *IMPACT RESISTANT LEDS: Basketball rim lights are shielded by protective tubing to withstand slams.
  • *FITS ALL STANDARD SIZED RIMS: easy fit with ultra-strong tape, fully sealed and waterproof.
  • *IMPROVE SHOT ACCURACY: illuminates the backboard and netting allowing you to train into the night.
  • *WEATHER SEALED BATTERY CASE: makes this led glow rim ideal for outdoor play for kids and adults.

??Playing basketball at night can get a little tricky since the darkness makes it a bit tough to see exactly where the rim is.
??Once set up it will just automatically turn on when you start making baskets!

Why your family will love HoopLight:

1) Encourages Physical Activity

2) Pulls Kids Away From Their Smartphones

3) Extends Playing Time Into The Night

4) Amplifies passion for basketball

5) Makes Playing Alone & with friends more Fun!

How To Use
 Attach the lights to your basketball hoop in under 2 mins!
Put the batteries in and enjoy it! Hopefully, you make it!
Once you make it the light will stay on and light up until the sensor hasn't sensed any activity in 10 min this saves the battery and helps to improve its lifetime.


  • Lamp Bead Model: LED
  • Lamp Bead Chip: 5050
  • Lamp color: RGB
  • Symphony Current: 0.5A
  • Voltage: 5V
  • Light strip length: 62 inch
  • Number of beads: 144
  • LED Line length: 59 inch
  • Whether with battery: No
  • Packing size: 8.66*8.66*2inch

    Product include:

    • 1*Hoop Light LED Basketball Rim
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