Anti Blue Light Eye Protect Screen Protector

Anti Blue Light Eye Protect Screen Protector

Anti Blue Light Eye Protect Screen Protector

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  • In the light of the phone's screen, it contains a high-energy blue light of 400-470nm, which can go straight to the yellow spot at the base of the retina, causing serious damage to our eyes, sleep disorders. If you use the mobile phone in a long time then you need this anti-blue light screen protector to protect your eyes from eye strain and fatigue.

Main Features

  • Anti-Blue Light
    Anti-blue-ray tempered glass screen protector designed with advanced technology to filter out 90% blue light from the screen, effectively protect our eyes from ocular damage and visual fatigue.
  • Eye Protect
    Greenlight film helps promote healthy melatonin levels for better sleep and relieving eye muscle fatigue, dry eyes, blurred vision, and other symptoms to protect our eyes perfectly.

  • Ultra Clear
    Automatic adsorption design makes installing easy and attaches the film firmly without any white edges and bubbles, also to ensure glass to be 99.9% transparency to let you enjoy an optimal and crystal clear viewing experience.
  • Anti-knock 9H Hardness
    Really 9H hardness tempered glass, three times stronger than the regular PET film, to ensure the function of anti-scratch, anti-shatter, explosion-proof, anti-fingerprint, anti-water, anti-dust, anti-smudge, and smooth touching feeling for phones.
  • 3D Touch Compatibility
    Real touch sensitivity for a natural feel, quick response, and flawless accurate touch for your cellphones, it protects against sweat and oil and water residue from fingerprints, just as no screen protector on your phone.


Material Tempered Glass
Type Anti Blue Light Screen Protector
Features Anti Blue Light / Eye Protect
  • 9H
Product Weight 10G
Package Contents
  • 1 × Anti Blue Light Screen Protector


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  • Due to the different display and lighting effects, the actual color of the item may be slightly different from the color displayed on the picture.
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