2-in-1 Double-Head Cleaning Brush

2-in-1 Double-Head Cleaning Brush

2-in-1 Double-Head Cleaning Brush

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Don’t want to put a lot of time and effort in cleaning? You need this 2-in-1 Double-Head Cleaning Brush tool, helping you quickly and efficiently do the cleaning!!


Main Features

2-in-1 Double-Head Brush Design

2-in-1 double-head design, scrub the dirt with brush, wipe water stains with scraper. Suitable for all kinds of cleaning work, easy and comfortable to use.


Efficient Cleaning

PP Brush with strong decontamination ability, rich foaming, easily brush away the dirt. TPR soft scraper, which can be used to scrape off excess water and foam after cleaning, thoroughly clean without residue.  


Ergonomic Design

PP curved handle, it is easy to grasp and clean, saving time and effort. Give your family, friends, members and enthusiasts a good gift choice, a good cleaning assistant.

Usage Scenarios

Ideal for convenient and practical cleaning of window, glass, bathtub, wall, shower tile, sink etc.



Material: PP+TPR

Color: Pink, Blue, Green

Weight: 85g

Size: 23.5x10.5cm

Package Includes: 1x 2-in-1 Double-Head Cleaning Brush

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